Ignorantia (Part 2)

The warmth wonders. And he, basically like any other human, was is and will be interested in watching wonders although utterly not surprised to observe them happening. It is as sure as death that you would also be not surprised to seize ’em if you didn’t notice them, did you, would you? Doubtlessly he’s not the one to blame for it.

By Mother Nature he was produced in that special, that most wonderfully unmarvelous and disgusting as well way that he, to tell the truth, stood absolutely no chance to catch sight of the first and the main and the most sentimental for nothing wonder of his hole life-term. Quite sinful a wonder of wonders that would wander its way from the very fleshy desires. Ah, this wonderful world! Viva el mundo, viva la vida! Perversity fathers innocence, filthiness – purity. Passion was the reason for it and him. The sin was the nurse, the clerk and the rhyme.

The Roman hill, an arrow struck by Eros and the Tiber seasoned with a couple of pints of salt and here he goes, from there he’s come. Ave! Ave! Morituri te salutant! What the hell the Romans were thinking ’bout? Shame, shame on them! Witty barbarians, scholars and artists, actors and orators, whores and sluts. They spoke and taught and thought of Styx etcetera. Reincarnated. Fell. And felt like keeping on falling and fell outside.

Once red – for ever white. He spied on them foundering and now as they were not avalanching him bull’s-eyely, they felt the same, he felt himself, he felt the same.

R. A. O’Rayne


By Way of Introduction

‘Creating life out of existence’ – these may not be the words that convey the essence of this blog, but this title definitely covers everything I’m trying to succeed in while posting here, everything I am living in anticipation of all my conscious ‘partially life’.

I used to treat blogs as they are quite sceptically but my opinion has changed drastically the other day, which is clearly shown by the fact that I started this one. The main goal of this blog is to bring sort of order out of chaos of my mind, to make an attempt to catch my thoughts that can be so elusive at times and to put them down.  The blog may seem a waste of time to a certain degree but on the other hand we (well, me personally) waste time so often that it becomes almost impossible to carve a couple of minutes a day to seat back and devote them  to something inside us that is really significant. Something immaterial but what matters indeed. John Lennon hit the bull’s-eye when he sang, ‘life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans’.

It is also important to me to commit to paper (a blog in this case) every single event I’m involved in and find of any interest. At the end of the day no-one would wish any memorable moments to vanish in the bottomless abyss of merciless time as sometimes it is a pure pleasure to travel through this abyss. Not that I would solely like to recapitulate my life, on the contrary – it’s more than welcome to live its own life (just let it not be too private). In my plans this blog is a place for my and others’ reflections on my life,  my life-in-making and my existence.

I cannot promise you that you will find any sort of serious psychological explorations etc. as I’m too prone to literary style, therefore you are going to find a lot of different stylistic devices, irony and sarcasm. I suspect it will to a certain degree resemble James Joyce’s ‘stream of consciousness’ but it is no way that it is going to happen on purpose. As I have alluded before I will do my best to write something as opposed to it as I can.

In conclusion I would like to say that I will be extremely happy to see your comments. You may feel absolutely free to write anything that seems right to you. Be sure, every comment will help and give me some food for thought.

R. A. O’Rayne