The Return of the King

Publishing of this entry couldn’t be better timed as all Liverpool supporters from every corner of the globe celebrate the first year of our new old manager in charge of the club for the second time in history. A year of lows and highs, a year of lows and lows, a year of high hopes, a year of revival… Whatever you may call this spell of time, it will definitely be borne in mind of every Liverpool fan as a year of the second coming, the return of the King.

He was asked to take over last winter when LFC (Liverpool Football Club) were struggling to get out of the bottom part of the English Premier League table under Roy Hodgson and straight away, right from the first game at Old Trafford it became clear that Kenny Dalglish was the man who could provide the supporters both with hope and belief and with sort of stability. It felt like he reminded the players which club they were playing for. He might not have had the brightest start but what mattered back then was we could see fire in the players’ eyes. Sometimes it’s absolutely unbelievable what a massive difference an individual can make, isn’t it. Kenny raised the team, raised the crowd, lit the whole red part of Liverpool.  Turned out to be a complete revelation.

From his first day in the post of the manager he made it clear that nobody is bigger than the club. A few days later our best striker Fernando Torres left for a ‘top club to win trophies’. Every red was deeply saddened by the departure of the former Kop idol but we were hardly made to wait long for the King to unveil our new strike force – young Luis Suarez and very young Andy Carroll, the former managed to make an instant impact and scored in his first game and the latter is yet to shine, but I believe to shine bright!

We may not consider ourselves serious contenders to win the league title but top four finish looks to be quite realistic a target for Liverpool this season. The glimpses of  past glory in our game now cannot pass unnoticed. Having returned to his spiritual home the Scot is now bringing back the ‘pass and move’ philosophy and priceless principles of LFC. All the above mentioned have to set good foundations for future victories and being back on our way – the Liverpool Way. When we say Dalglish we mean Liverpool, and when we say Liverpool we mean Dalglish. He and only he seems to be the man to bring the best out of the players and bring the best out of himself to give it to the players. If you look at the team now compared to what it was like a year ago – I’d be surprised if you  haven’t noticed a tremendous difference – now we play some pretty attacking football which is easy on the eye and have one of the best defensive records in the league. The King without a doubt is someone you want to play for and it’s so pleasing to see the team being full of passion for the club and football once again. We definitely haven’t completed our quest for that winning mentality but we seem to be well on course for it. The day when we conquer our glory back won’t be long. We now have some good quality squad and a man who will lead through rains and storms. I blindly believe in the King just like he sometimes believes in his players and to me the future looks bright with this wee man in charge. The future is red. We just need a wee bit more of fortune and our eyes will see the glory.

I heard the words ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ a lot of times every week but never they have seemed so full of meaning to me. Now, with the King Kenny back I completely understand what our club is all about and these words will never sound commonplace to me, as I see that no-one at this club really walks alone.

Don’t blame me for being so optimistic. All our support for the club is based upon belief and hope for better.

You may all have different opinions about Liverpool Football Club but you cannot help loving Kenny Dalglish. Just have a look at his smile!

R. A. O’Rayne


13 thoughts on “The Return of the King

  1. mothergrogan says:

    Tough February schedule ahead for LFC: Spurs, MU, Everton, Arsenal. At the beginning of March it should be more or less clear if they qualify to CL or not. Wish Kenny and the Club all the best (you know: I’m Polish, Jerzy Dudek, CL final blah, blah, blah… :-))

    And what about Suarez? Is he suspended or not?

    • Yes, he won’t be available for the next 6 games. He’s already missed 2 through this ridiculous suspension (Man City and Oldham). We’ll be back right for the game at Old Trafford – ah! what a game that’s gonna be! Already in anticipation.

  2. stingreay7 says:

    I’m a great fan of Liverpool’s legacy. They are a huge foundation in the Prem. I have to say that I am on the other side of the fence with the upcoming Man U match. I’m a red devil through and through. Best of luck. I enjoy what I’ve seen of your blog. Thanks for the follow on mine 😉

  3. God only knows where we’d be if Hodgson was left in charge. It was like giving a 5 year old the keys to a Ferrari. Good result tonight, not a great performance but I’d rather win than play well and lose.


  4. I really miss PROPER football

  5. Unknown says:

    Думаю Ходжсон привёл бы команду к приемлимым результатам если б ему дали ещё немного времени.Но не к таким,к каким ведёт команду Далглиш.До его уровня Ходжсон вряд-ли бы дотянул.

  6. Akshay says:

    Hey, thanks for dropping by. A Liverpudlian? I have to ask, are you still as chuffed to have Kenny in charge? Carling Cup aside, it has been pretty woeful. You can’t just chalk it down to Hodgson.

    • Aye, I like Kenny. Can’t help it. What do you mean “chalk it down to Hodgson”?

      • Akshay says:

        Well their league form hasn’t exactly been inspiring has it? Even last night, at Sunderland was a bit dull. Kenny has been there now for around a year. Given his past accomplishments I’d have hoped he’d be able to get liverpool to 4th place. Fans all keep blaming Hodgson for this. Granted he was woeful and did set you guys back a bit, but I think that Kenny has lost some of his magic.

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