Depressing Beauty of the World

If I took a map of the world with the intention to mark every place I would love to visit, with a red pencil, it would be much easier to paint the whole map red. Our beautiful but blue planet is so full of theurgic corners and spellful black spots that I can’t but feel indescribably lucky to have been born on the Earth, so happy not to be one of those martians in whom almost nobody even takes trouble to believe (and I must confess – neither do I).

But those picturesque views, crystalline lakes, snakegreen rivers, titanic mountains and salivaless deserts might seem so cruel and merciless if you look at them from a slightly different angle. The world’s immense vagueness – is its greatest beauty and a gift to the whole human race and at the same time its one and only drawback.

At  times I find myself in the mood when every beauteous photograph makes me feel so small, irrelevant and insignificant that I have to admit I am losing that sence of purpose, feeling that there is not really anything worth living for if one cannot feel and touch everything. Our blue dwelling place is so grand and spanless that it is bound to make us feel depressed from time to time and it also gives rise to the problem of choice, one of the greatest problems we are doomed to be followed by from the cradle to the gory bed.

But those moments of incapability pass and fade away and I once again feel ready and eager to explore this planet that was not created to be explored in full.

Thank you for reading. I’m looking forward to read your comments. ‘Stay tuned!’

R. A. O’Rayne


15 thoughts on “Depressing Beauty of the World

  1. Scott Christopher J McKelvie says:

    Wonderful post, often feeling small in such a vast world of many different people and cultures, stunning landscapes, I often feel the same way. Sometimes I feel sad with certain things, lack of money, but hold many dreams to travel that world that we share. Pictures never have done the real thing justice and I can safely speak of that myself, having climbed Ben Nevis and been near half way up West Highland Way. As I say, if everyone and everywhere was the same, the world wouldn’t be the same, the beauty of it is that it’s not.

  2. Eve Redwater says:

    Until I traveled, I never really thought about the big, wide world in all it’s obscurity. But then, I went and lived in Japan for a year of my life, and discovered beauty that I’ve never seen before. I appreciated it like I’ve never done before, either. 🙂 Places like that just make you want to see the rest of the world. Who knows what little gems of gorgeousness are waiting in the corners! Your post reminded me of that – so, thank you!


  3. jubbiz says:

    This really struck a chord with me 🙂 It sounds quite strange to call such beauty depressing, but i know what you mean. It is sad that the world is so full of amazing places that I will only ever be able to see a tiny portion of. I want to see as much of it as I can but, as I expect is the same for many, cost and impracticality holds me back — yet I make sure to appreciate all that I have the pleasure of seeing.

    Thanks for liking and following my blog — where I document the beautiful sights that I’m lucky enough to experience!

  4. Sofiya says:

    Yes, that’s true. But the depth of smth was created for being depth and staying hide for ever, no? Your post is a good and magic food for thoughts!

  5. Nomadic Photographers says:

    It is so true. Our world is a many splendid thing. A constant playground of exploration. I too want to travel to every corner of the globe. We are starting with our home country because what better way to the understand the rest of the world when you already understand your homeland. Thanks for posting.

  6. bananabatman says:

    Another excellent post. It is your statement “—– and it also gives rise to the problem of choice, one of the greatest problems we are doomed to be followed by from the cradle to the gory bed.” that strikes a chord with me, purely because it is so true as we come closer to the end and try to pack as much in as we can beforehand.

  7. FrigidHeart says:

    Oh my! What a wonderful blog. Photography and writing 🙂

  8. itchypencil says:

    You made me thinking again. It’s a relief to know that somebody feels the same as you do. The thing is that the more you see the more you want to see. Never enough. And when you realize you can’t see all wonders of this world it can be depressing indeed. Maybe that is the reason why I am so enthusiastic about the smallest things. I don’t want to lose anything!
    Cheers mate!

  9. Loving the atmosphere of your blog and I can totally relate to these thoughts. I find it funny that there’s still alot of people who never even consider of travelling. When I was a kid I lived in a very small town in the middle of Finland and all of my friend’s were talking about how they’re going to move to our capital or travel the world. Surprisingly most of them do still live in the same town, they’re married to their school mates and their parent live on the other side of the street… Many times I’ve started to think what the hell happened to them. But they seem happy. Because they don’t know about anything else…

    Anyway, I started to follow you. Good stuff!


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